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The Adler Team

Family. Passion. Enjoyment.

Founded by Ugi's parents, Adi & Marianne Zumtaugwald in 1978, the restaurant was born under the name "Restaurant Adler".  After Ugi & Thesi took over in 1996, the restaurant was partially renovated and with their three daughters not only a family owned business was established, but also a beautiful home for a family of five was created.


In 2012, the restaurant was completely renovated and renamed "Adler Hitta".

Today, 28 years later, Ugi & Thesi still put all their heart and soul into running the restaurant and are supported by Florian Reichert, Melanie Keller and their daughter Sarina all year round.


Adler Hitta

The Team

Winterseason 23/24

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